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Repair services


Important benefits

  • In our workshop we have a controlled environment in respect to the requirements stated in international standards
  • In addition to this we also have ESD-protected areas where all instrument service and electronic parts are handled. These areas are controlled on a regular basis in respect to the full safety of the ESD protection
  • Our Technical Manger has been working with service of electronic equipment since the early 1980's, and with the Entomed products from 1996. Grason-Stadler products has been a part of the more or less daily work since 1998, and MAICO since 1999 to mention some brands that we work with. We are also appointed Swedish service centre for brands like MAICO, Amplivox, Frye and Sibelmed, and we are the Authorized International Service and Support Centre for the Entomed products.
Our workshop is fully equipped with soldering tools for older through hole electronic boards as well as for the newer surface mounted technology.
We can of course also handle the more and more common more environmental friendly lead-free soldering technology.
Environmental friendly
All parts that we replace, including cables, are held "far" from the normal waste. We send all electronic and electric waste to a recycling station where all valuable and/or environmentally unsafe elements are handled in a safe way. We are certified by the Swedish recycling organisation "El-Kretsen" who through our yearly fees guarantees that none of the electronic parts we send for recycling will leak to the environment. We also recycle all cardboard boxes that can't be reused, and all office paper.
 In House Service
Since we can't guarantee a full ESD protection at the customers site we don't perform any service work at the customers site that requires that the instrument case is opened. What we recommend to be done at the customers site are replacement of defective cables for the headset, subject response switches etc.
For all other service we strongly recommend that the instrument is sent to Entomed MedTech AB.
Service Contract
We offer Swedish customers to sign a service contract with Entomed MedTech AB where we agree on what can be done at the customers site and what has to be done in our workshop. This also defines in what intervals the instruments shall be serviced. Our contracted customers also get some discount on repair work.

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