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International standards set the requirements for the environment of the calibration site!

The yearly calibration ensures that your instrument fulfils the requirements set in the international standards for audiological equipment, and of course also the manufacturer's technical specifications. This calibration shall be performed in an environment where the humidity, temperature, air pressure are within specified limits and - last but not least - low enough background noise. In our service and calibration facility we have good control of all of those factors to ensure that we fulfil the requirements of the standards.

We are the only Authorized Service Centre for Entomed audiometers.

Calibration services
Yearly calibration and preventive maintenance of your Audiometer, Tympanometer, Spirometer etc. For local customers we also perform service and calibration of Blood Pressure meters, ECG-instruments, Weighing Scales and other equipment for the School Healthcare, Primary Healthcare and Occupational Healthcare.
Repair services
Repair and other service for malfunctioning equipment.

Service contract
Yearly service and maintenance of your equipment where we remind you that it is time for the maintenance. This service is only provided for Swedish customers since the pricing of this includes the transport to us, and the return freight cost to the customer. This type of contract would be too costly for most International customers.


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