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About us


Jan Holmerup, Executive Manager and Technical Manager. Founder and sole owner of Entomed MedTech AB. The company was founded in 2009 by Jan Holmerup, under the name JHE MedTech AB. Jan was working as the Service Engineer and Technical Manager at Entomed AB/Entomed Diagnostics AB since 1996 until he started this company. Since the  start the goal has been supplying our customers with a high-class service, short lead time and reasonable pricing. Our success in this is shown by the fact that our annual turnover is constantly increasing, and that our customers are faithful, returning year after year for the annual calibration and other service.

Early 2013 we strengthened the cooperation with the Entomed group when acquiring all the service and support of the Entomed audiometers for distributors worldwide. At this time we were also appointed the only Authorized Service Centre for Entomed audiometers. We also agreed to change our legal name to Entomed MedTech AB. Later in 2013 we also acquired the rights to market other products of which the Entomed group had been distributors in Sweden. This made it possible for Entomed AB to focus on the production and sales of their own audiometer line SA201, SA202, SA203 and SA204.

In January 2014 we moved to new premises in the centre of Svedala, just a few km outside of Malmö in the south of Sweden. Since then the business has continued to grow and that made it possible for us to employ one more Service Engineer, Claes Holmerup (Jan's brother), in January 2015. This makes it possible for us to work even more aggressive towards the growing service market, and still keep our short lead time for calibration and repair service.

In October 2019 we met an agreement with Auditdata A/S (the producer of Entomed audiometers) to handle their warranty service in an effort to shorten the lead time for warranty issues.

Claes Holmerup, Service Engineer.
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